Make the most of your Real Estate asset.

We work with investors to create and operationalized strategies that increase utilization and revenue per asset.

Higher Cash Flow and appreciation from your Real Estate investments.

Toucan Villas leverages technology in everything we do: from channel management integration and dynamic pricing, to guest management, operation automation and financial execution. All are integrated to drive higher returns to our clients.

Our Approach

We crunch data and make decisions based on facts.

At Toucan Villas we know that the balance of experience and technology can drive superior decision making and results. We pride ourselves of our backgrounds, and our commitment to better service and growth.

We are where guests need to be.

We know life can take our guests anywhere – from big centers to mid towns. So we have built capabilities that allow us to balance the need to offer a consistently superior level of service and local support to our clients and guests.

We care about our team.

We believe superior service is only possible by empowering and engaging a team of prepared individuals. We hire carefully, train, support and motivate them to grow personally and professionally.  The difference shows. Daily.

We act with integrity in everything we do.

We are transforming the traveling and real estate industries and understand it often comes with discomfort and misunderstanding. We strive to do the right thing and be transparent in bringing together interests of investors, clients, guest, partners and the community where we operate.

Listings on Multiple Platforms

The Service Cycle at Toucan Villas

Real Estate investment has never been as dynamic. Opportunities and risks are plenty, whatever the operating model is: arbitrage, acquisition or revenue shared. So we work closely with new clients to help them identify and qualify opportunities for vacation rentals that match their risk appetite, cash flow circumstances and long term views.  

While certain clients want to have their own touch and style to their homes, Toucan Villas can work with those who need guidance finding, transporting, assembling furniture and staging spaces in away that optimizes guest experience and investment levels.

Toucan Villas promotes and manages client’s properties in a number of digital platforms to maximize exposure that ultimately boost occupancy and rental income.

Toucan Villas was born out of a passion for pricing management. We combine proprietary and partners’ data, technology and practices that optimize daily rates in specific market, seasons and circumstances. The result is consistent, higher returns for your investment.

Every traveler has a specific need and reason to stay with us. It’s our job to ensure we listen carefully and solve for their needs as they arise. Toucan Villas takes hosting seriously. We communicate with guests regularly and timely, often in their own language of choice.

Toucan Villas counts of a well trained and caring team that follows clearly outlined processes and procedures to ensure the homes are turned around quickly and effectively before every traveler checks in.

Not only are they regularly servicing your lawn, removing ice or dealing with garbage pick ups, our extended team and business partners are only a call away from resolving for the unexpected. By constantly identifying and attending to wear and tear in your property as they happen, Toucan Villas keeps the good state of your asset as it appreciates in market value.